Standard Rates

GROUP VEHICLE TYPE      DAILY RATES (Excludes insurance and any free mileage) LONG DISTANCE RATES PER DAY
Includes 200 free kms per day, and excludes insurance. An insurance option has to be taken (Either the basic CDW/TLW option or the Full Cover option). Refer the 3rd last and 2nd last columns of the sheet.
inclusive of 2000 free kms per month, and basic insurance cover
PER DAY PER KM Min 3 Days 4 - 6 days 7 - 9 days 10 + days
A Chev Spark / Suzuki Swift Dzire
1,2 a/c p/s
2015-chevrolet-spark-5dr-hb-cvt-ls-angular-front-exterior-view 100476347 h R120 R1.80 R280 R260 R245 R225 R90 R180 R5 500
B   Chev Aveo
/Toyota Etios /Ford Ikon and Ford Figo
Ford Ikon L 1 R150 R2,00 R370 R315 R280 R255 R95 R210 R6,800
B1 Mazda5 or Nissan Grand Livina 7 Seater a/c, p/s Radio c/d R200 R2,30 R440 R405 R380 R360 R130 R250 R9,400
C Nissan Tiida AUTO, Chev Aveo AUTO
Power steering/ AIRCON, Radio/cd
6 R300 R3,50 R500 R420 R400 R336 R130 R250 R 9,200
G Mercedes C200 cdi AUTO  mercedes-cdi R600 R6.50 R1260 R1150 R1050 R960 R320 R650 R 31,000
F Nissan 1 Ton Bakkie without canopy R200 R2.50 R500 R450 R400 R350 R130 R250 R9,600
G Bakkie with canopy R220 R2,70 R520 R470 R420 R380 R160 R280 R10,500